Michael P. Koribanics

"There is more to being a criminal lawyer than just knowing & applying the law, you have to know your client. You have to know how to best service your client, and you must keep the line of communication open at all times. Criminal law is a very personal thing. Freedom is often at stake and decisions are life-changing. I am with my clients from beginning to end. It's emotional and it's difficult. It's what I do, and I do it with great passion."

- Michael P. Koribanics [Named one of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Criminal Trial Lawyers]

A lifelong New Jersey native who presently resides in Essex County, Koribanics graduated from Villanova University in 1984 and the Seton Hall School of Law in 1987. A former Hudson County assistant prosecutor assigned to the sexual assault unit, and certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a criminal trial lawyer, Koribanics has concentrated on criminal defense work for nearly two decades. But, the accomplished lawyer has been familiar with the legal system all his life. His father was a successful lawyer and judge, and is the person credited for paving his career path. "My father joined me in the individual practice when I left the prosecutor's office. He passed away about 10 years ago, but I have kept the firm's name as Koribanics & Koribanics out of respect for him."

As a former Hudson County Assistant Prosecutor and concentrating on criminal defense work for over 15 years, you will be represented by an attorney who has handled a wide variety of cases on both the State and Federal Level: Drug Cases, Wire Tap Cases, Internet Crimes, RICO, Organized Crime, Gang Related, Money Laundering, Insider Trading, Sexual Assault (Assigned to the Sexual Assault Unit in Hudson County Prosecutor's Office), Murder, Aggravated Assault, Bribery and Fraud. Michael P. Koribanics also has extensive experience in representing individuals subpoenaed to appear before a Federal Grand Jury.

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